How to Road Trip…Part III

Phew! Are you tired of driving? Me too. But it was fun, right? Thanks for coming along!

States covered: Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. West Virginia was a first for me! It is beautiful down there. The phrase that kept coming to my mind was, “What are men compared to rocks and mountains?” Glorious. Just glorious.

The rest of the LYFE Women’s Conference was just as good as I described in my last post. More powerful teaching from women who love the Lord and His Word. The Holy Spirit was at work in the hearts of many women, including mine. God just keeps reminding me to trust Him, no matter what, and to stop worrying. I kept hearing this whisper in my heart: “When you know the One Who holds it all in the palm of His hand, why oh why do you ever worry?

It is so simple, but simple is not the same as easy. 

Ah, but God is faithful. And He is good. And I must simply trust Him.

In review, LYFE was encouraging and refreshing, but, I have to admit—a bit exhausting. 🙂

[It was also pretty exciting to see the final product of the book that I have been working on the last ten months. Sherrie Holloway’s For the Love of God was released at the conference—I’m thankful for how God has directed this project and how He will use it. The glory belongs to Him!] 

Now, we are home, sweet home, and I’m taking the next 36 hours to recover from that road trip, only to start another one!

Tomorrow afternoon I will be traveling to the Chicagoland area to attend the Write-to-Publish conference in Wheaton, IL. I’m excited to learn a ton and make good connections, but I have to be honest, right now, I just want to take a nap.

So maybe I’ll just do that.

…Oh wait. Laundry.

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