How to Road Trip…Part II

The drive hasn’t been too bad, right? From Lancaster to Clarks Summit, PA is only about three hours, and a stop at Starbucks will cure just about anything that lasts three hours! Unless you’re Gilligan…you’ll need something a bit stronger for that three-hour tour!

We have arrived at Baptist Bible College for the LYFE Women’s Conference. LYFE stands for Living Your Faith Everyday; this year’s theme is “Simply Living: It’s More!” and we are getting a good dose of the Word of God in order to do just that.

Sherrie Holloway, keynote speaker has been bringing such needed truth to the table this weekend. This morning we were in Romans. A quick synopsis of Romans, Holloway style, goes something like this:

Romans chapters 1-11—”This is the gospel.”
Romans chapters 12-16—”This is your life on the gospel.”

Yep, that’s pretty much it.

Today she reminded us from Romans 12 that God’s great love and mercy evoke a response of gratitude (worship) and full surrender. The gospel is the reason to do the next right thing.

In fact, Sherrie has just published a book about that very thing—God’s love and the gospel. It’s called For the Love of God. I’m honored and grateful to have been a part of this project…and I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool. The book is available on Amazon…check it out here!

[I will also have a limited number of copies available when I get home to the great state of Michigan. Let me know!]

Tomorrow, we will attend more workshops and sessions, and soak in more of the truth of God’s Word. It has been rejuvenating to sit under clear, powerful Bible teaching, as well as reconnecting with dear friends. This is truly one of the best ways to spend time on this side of Heaven!

Are you tired out yet? Hang on—the road trip isn’t over yet!

[Sherrie Holloway is a gifted communicator who loves the Lord and His Word. Learn more about Sherrie at her website, Don’t forget to check out For the Love of God here!]

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