How to Road Trip Without Leaving Your Home

When was the last time you went on a road trip?  

Want to come on one with me? Don’t worry-you don’t have to drive, ride, pay for gas, eat junk food or try to sleep in a cramped car without enough legroom. You can tag along and I’ll tell you all about it.  Ready? 

Most of the driving has already been done, but we are only getting started on the cool stuff! 

But why, you wonder?  I’m so glad you asked. My mom and I are enjoying a trip together in the eastern hills of America…The Appalachian mountains, to be exact. And no, we are definitely not hiking the Appalachian Trail. But we can almost see it from here!

Yesterday we were in West Virginia, where I met a new culture. Uh…we may not be in Kansas anymore, Toto. Okay, it’s really not as bad as us northerners make it out to be. 🙂 We spent some time with my mom’s cousins who are sweet, sweet people. They were a blessing. 

Today, we drove to Lancaster, PA. It smells a bit different down here. But the food is good! We went to the Sight and Sound theatre to see “Noah,” which was…uh, pretty spectacular.  A great reminder to trust God…He always keeps His promises!  

[if you’re not familiar with Sight and Sound, check out their stage plays of the biblical accounts of Noah, Jonah, Moses, Ruth, and many others. They are legit!]

The real reason we are traveling begins tomorrow. Our final destination is Clarks Summit, PA, at the LYFE conference at Baptist Bible College. LYFE stands for Living Your Faith Everyday. I’ve helped Sherrie Holloway, keynote speaker, write her first book (I was the ghostwriter), and it will be released at the LYFE conference this weekend and next. So…I decided it was time for a road trip—The last year of my life is coming to fruition…and I want to be there to see it! 

So that’s what I’m up to this week. Stay tuned…we’ve got more road tripping to do!

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