Ken vs. Bill———A Response

If you thought I wasn’t going to write anything about last night’s Creation Debate, you’re crazy.

Here We Go 

Ken Ham mentioned this, and it’s the one roadblock that will keep debates like this from accomplishing anything. Both sides are looking at the same set of data; you cannot change the data. But you can interpret it differently, and that’s exactly what happens. Both sides are looking at the same data and interpreting/understanding that same data through different worldviews. This leads to different conclusions, and you have a gridlocked debate.

So let’s strip the entire debate down to the one thing we can all agree on: Nobody was there. Ken wasn’t there, Bill wasn’t there, and no, Larry King wasn’t there either—although it was joked that he is pretty old. Bottom line: we cannot actually know for certain, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what exactly happened at the beginning of the world. It’s impossible.

Intellectual Integrity

So if it’s impossible to know either way…why is evolution being taught as fact? It’s a theory. It’s a proposed answer to how we all got here. Creation is, too. Nobody saw Creation happen (not even Adam…he and Eve were created last!). It too is a proposed answer to how we all got here.

What we are asking for is intellectual integrity. We want to teach our students to be critical thinkers. We want to be able to set before them the raw data and present them the two camps, and let them think and decide for themselves. We want to teach our students HOW to think, and not just WHAT to think. We need critical thinkers, not gullible citizens who take anything and everything hook-line-and-sinker.


Evolutionists/secularists seem to be so sure that their theory is true. They are completely sold out. So here’s my final question: If you think your theory is so air-tight, so absolute, so solid, then why do you feel so threatened by Creationism? Why is it that you contend so hard and fast for Creationism to be squashed? If you’re so right, and we’re so wrong, why are you even worried about it? If you’re convinced that students, if given a choice, will always choose evolution over creation, then why not let them make think for themselves and make the choice? Seems harmless to me. What is it you’re afraid of?

Creationists are simply asking for intellectual integrity. Let there be freedom to think, to discuss, to question anything and everything.

For more food for thought on this topic, find Ben Stein’s movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and listen to what he has to say. 

The good news about the Good News

There’s a lot more that could have been said last night, and there’s a lot more that could be said today about it. But let’s transcend the debate details for a moment. The good news is the Gospel of Jesus Christ is still true, regardless of what you believe to have happened at the beginning. Belief in Creationism is not a prerequisite for salvation. The fact still remains (whether or not you believe the Bible) Jesus Christ died for you so that you can be in Heaven. He’s not going to keep you out if you believe in evolution. And He loves you just the same.

For further info:

Ken Ham and Georgia Purdom are hosting a post-debate answer session tonight at 8:00 PM. Watch live at

Here’s a good round-up of last night’s debate:

Watch Ben Stein’s question-asking film here:

The Debate is still able to be watched for a period of time at and youtube if you missed it. It’s also available on DVD and download at

And the Bible also has a lot to say about this topic: Read This!

2 thoughts on “Ken vs. Bill———A Response

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  1. Bill didn’t seem to have a good grasp on the Bible from what I could tell, by repeatedly suggesting that the text we have today has been altered over time. I would liked Ken to have mentioned the Dead Sea Scrolls to debunk this, but alas.
    Bill also made numerous nonsensical pleas for “jobs, technology, the economy,” as though a believer in creation is so unscientific that they cannot be a trusted part of a technological field…

  2. Some parting questions for Mr. Nye… What are the eternal benefits of anybody’s belief in and adherence to the secularist/evolutionist point of view? What will you entice young students with to prepare them to be so hard-hearted against the Creationist’s view, if you indeed are teaching them to be ‘open-minded’ scientists? What do you fear from the Creationist’s views?
    Here is a prediction that we Creationists can make that comes from the Book that Mr. Ham kept referencing; (please note that it is not even the prediction of the creationist; it is the prediction of the Creator, Himself!!)–it is a crisis that not even Mr. Obama will be able to profit from personally or politically… You may read it for yourself in John 3:18. May God bless you as you consider God’s statement to man.

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