God: “Global WHAT?!”

We’re just now coming out of a so-called “polar vortex.” I’m not sure ANYONE knows what exactly that means, but we get it—it’s cold.

And the southern states are also getting a taste of what it’s like to live anywhere other than the south. Take that, Myrtle Beach!

Even the Winter Olympics are warmer than us! No kidding. I was watching skiing and snowboarding this week and the announcer was talking about the slushiness of the snow, 45 degrees, and “spring-like conditions.” Seems like they could have planned the WINTER Olympics  in a place where it would actually be winter. Like, say, nearly anywhere in the U.S. right now!

Seems like the weather just won’t cooperate with us. Hmm…

If You Want to Make God Laugh, Tell Him Your Plans

A while ago I wrote about the fact of earth’s groanings. Creation can’t wait for Christ to return everything to its pre-fall/sin/death state of perfection…which I believe may have been right about 86 degrees. So, I can’t wait, either. (I like warm weather, too, Pastor Joel.)

But I’m wondering if God isn’t groaning, too. Not that he’s sick of the cold weather—He is most definitely outside all weather constraints. But I wonder if He’s having a little fun with providing us with an exceptionally cold and snowy winter.

Quite frankly, I think He’s groaning and maybe rolling his eyes about our confidence in controlling our earth’s climate. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for being good stewards of our earth. But when it comes to “climate change” and our belief that we somehow have the power to control it, well, I think God has a good laugh about it.

So He dumps feet of snow on typically balmy places as a subtle reminder of Who is really in control. I don’t think it’s punishment, but I do think it’s interesting. (Although the Scriptures do talk about God’s storehouses of snow and hail that He will use in times of battle. Think Tribulation and Armageddon. Cool, huh?)

Just a thought—I don’t really have any proof that God is actually rolling his eyes. But sometimes I like to wonder what God really thinks of our silly plans to save the world—since, you know, He’s already done that!

Or maybe He just really likes to go sledding.

Some verses about snow/weather:

Exodus 9:18; Joshua 10:11; Job 37:6, 38:22-23; Isaiah 30:30; Ezekiel 13:11, 13, Revelation 16:21

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