Have your Pi and Eat it, Too!

So basically, when you’re a full-time graduate student, you find anything that doesn’t involve sitting slumped over at your desk reading scholarly articles and writing academic papers.

Today, that non-homework thing was Pi. I mean pie. I mean…yes?

It’s Pi day! March 14 (3/14) is noted as pi day by math nerds everywhere. And trust me, I’m not a math nerd (although I may be a word nerd), but if there’s a day where I get an excuse to make and eat pie, I’m taking it.

Pi is the mathematical term for 3.14, or something you use to…

(Did you really think I was going to actually explain a math thing to you? Yeah…no.)

The bigger lesson to learn here is…have fun! This is me giving you permission to not always take life so seriously…and to eat pie.

So go have your pi and eat it too!

Pi Pie


One thought on “Have your Pi and Eat it, Too!

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  1. The Pi Pie tasted really great, too. See, there are more benefits to having a ‘werd nerd’ living with us than a lot of very thought-provoking statements to consider! Dad

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