Spring’s Here?

Well, Spring is here! At least that’s what the calendar says…just like the groundhog promised.

But it’s Michigan, so it’s 30 degrees today. And snowing. Yay, Michigan!

Truth be told, I actually really don’t like Spring. Don’t get me wrong—I love the warm weather and sunshine, but I hate getting there. It’s all muddy and brown and gross. There is no green anywhere, there are still piles of snow, and good luck not destroying your car on the potholed roads, AND my car goes from being two colors to one: mud.

I really dread it.

But I know that it must happen in order for the life of Spring to begin. The snow melts, the plants grow again, the trees flourish and everything awakens. It’s glorious. But if we could just skip that birthing process and go straight to the beautiful weather, Spring would be delightful.

Just Ask a Mom

I’m sure mothers everywhere would agree with the skip-the-giving-birth part too. I’ve never given birth, but from what I understand it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. That may be an understatement. But most of the moms I talk to say they didn’t mind it so much when they held their newborn…and that they’ve never regretted having children even though it was painful.

I suppose that’s a pretty heavy analogy to make just about the season of Spring. But what I need to remind myself is that while the birthing process is not comfortable, what’s on the other side of it is pretty great.

I need this reminder in all the other parts of the year, too. When God is trying to transform me into who He wants me to be (that is, like Jesus Christ), it feels a lot like Spring. It can be ugly and hard and painful, but when I come through on the other side, I’ll be a better person and look more like Jesus.

My Theology Hat

On a bigger scale…shall I mention the most awesome eternal Summer of Heaven?!? When I put on my theologian’s hat, I appreciate God’s work in creating the seasons as a really cool illustration of His salvation. Like the winter, everything in my heart was dead—spiritually dead—before I knew Christ. Then, when I believed in Him as my only way to Heaven, I was made alive–like Spring! Things begin to grow and my life becomes more beautiful in Him.  As a believer in Jesus Christ and His salvation, once I’m finished here on earth—even though it is often hard, painful, and ugly—I’ll be in Heaven with Him, where I’m pretty sure it’s 86 degrees, sunny, and the beach is on the clearest water you’ll ever see… 

(I don’t quite know where Fall fits into the theology picture…but I love Fall, so maybe Heaven will just alternate between Summer and Fall? Now THAT would be awesome! But theologically unfounded.)

Okay, so I guess I’m okay with Spring. Now I just need a little music….

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